Patent Troll / NPE update to yesterday’s article

Little did I know that the United States House of Representatives had the same thoughts on their mind as I was writing my lil’ piece on counter-attacking IP troll lawsuits.

Here’s what the honorable members of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee had to say on this topic Thursday:

  • the U.S. needs legislation to limit NPE lawsuits
  • similar to the E.U. Universal Patent Court’s proposed system, we should create a “loser pays” regime with limits on discovery (did they read my blog?!)
  • the SHIELD Act (Saving High-Tech Innovators from Egregious Legal Disputes Act) goes a long way towards these goals
  • NPEs should be prohibited from parallel actions in both federal court and the ITC.
Cisco’s GC (Mark Chandler) stated that the company spent about $50 million per annum on outside lawyers in NPE suits, calling on Congress to “change the incentives.”

My closing remark: One panelist saliently labeled NPEs “business terrorists.”


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