Global Antitrust is a free-of-charge service, providing competition-law related information to readers interested in the developments of the antitrust world.

A note of caution: You will sometimes catch me digressing a bit, straying from the pure antitrust topic and going off on IP or other litigation matters.  But hey, it’s a blog…

Global Antitrust is run and maintained by me in my spare time.  You can reach me at andreasstargard [at] paulhastings.com

I live and work in Brussels and Washington, D.C.

Andreas Stargard, editor

Andreas Stargard, editor

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Legal notice: All posts on this site are the authors’ exclusive content and do not reflect their law firms’ or clients’ opinion or position. None of the posts or comments on this site is to be construed as legal advice. All liability is expressly disclaimed. Seek professional legal advice by contacting one of our authors or the editors.


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